Our pricing model is designed to be transparent and fair. Traditional software products generally require large initial investments with questionable results. Instead, our Software as a Service (SaaS) approach means low initial costs and risks, with immediate and measurable benefits.

We offer an initial assessment (quick check) of your companies’ potential for free. Afterwards, each of our optimization products goes through two stages.


In the personalization stage, we charge a one-time fee depending on the complexity of the underlying processes and how much data preparation is required. Usage of the cloud service is free as long as personalization and testing is ongoing.


Once our cloud service goes live, we enter the operational phase. In this phase, we charge a monthly subscription fee. This fee is based on a revenue-share model, meaning that you only pay for provable, tangible benefits. Should you want to cancel your subscription for any reason, just notice us six weeks in advance.

Each subscription includes first-level support and data reporting. We charge an hourly rate for additional services like feature development, IT consulting services, or educational workshops.