About us


Dr. Alexander Engels

Dr. Alexander Engels

Founder & Managing Director

Alexander Engels has headed IT projects in manufacturing and telecommunications for several years. He founded Solopex to bring the benefits of digitalization to a wider audience. His expertise includes mathematical modeling, combinatorial optimization, and cloud computing.

He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering (RWTH Aachen) and Diplomas in computer science and mathematics.


Dr. Simon Görtzen

Dr. Simon Görtzen

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Simon Görtzen co-founded Solopex after completing his academic research. His background in computational mathematics and information technology gives him a rich problem-solving toolbox.

He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering (RWTH Aachen) and a Diploma in mathematics.


Sergej Zavrnik

Sergej Zavrnik

Project Manager

Sergej Zavrnik combines a strong technical background with an entrepreneurial approach. He has practical experience in the steel and plastic industry, and business skills earned at various programs in Slovenia and Germany.

He completed his mechanical engineering degree in Ljubljana and continues his education abroad.



Solopex d.o.o. was founded as a Slovenian-based limited liability company (d.o.o.) in 2015. For us as the founders, the time of formation is a moment at which two key conditions for the Solopex business model are fulfilled:

First, increasing business efficiency by usage of advanced analytics and optimization solutions remains a privilege of the bigger players in the market. This holds especially true for the primary and secondary industrial sectors, i.e., raw material extraction and manufacturing. Consequently, the industry offering hardware, software, and services for high-end optimization solutions targets almost exclusively medium-sized companies and large-scale enterprises. However, the biggest relative improvement potential can be found in the small business sector, and particularly, in manufacturing.

Second, the introduction of modern cloud services has changed and continues to change the ICT business paradigm: Hardware, software, and services do not have to be purchased anymore but can be rented on demand instead. Moreover, the rented products are fully scalable in quantity and quality. This allows the customer to get exactly what he needs when he needs it. The only requirement is a fast and reliable internet connection. The cloud service model opens up a range of opportunities that was unimaginable before.

Companies that have wanted to employ professional optimization solutions but were simply not able to afford them, recently have been put in a position to do so at minimal financial risk. Solopex addresses exactly the companies which seek improved efficiency by employing sophisticated optimization solutions. The mission of Solopex d.o.o. is to provide these companies the solutions that improve their business efficiency at a simple, useful, and affordable level.