Solopex combines mathematics, computer science, and engineering to solve the hardest problems in industrial systems planning.

Dr. Alexander Engels

Founder & Managing Director

Alexander has headed IT projects for almost two decades. He founded Solopex to bring the benefits of digitalization to a wider audience. His expertise includes mathematical modeling, combinatorial optimization, and cloud computing.

He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering (RWTH Aachen) and Diplomas in computer science and mathematics.

Dr. Simon Görtzen

Co-Founder & CTO

Simon co-founded Solopex after completing his academic research. His background in computational mathematics, computer science, and information technology gives him a rich problem-solving toolbox.

He holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering (RWTH Aachen) and a Diploma in mathematics.


Solopex was founded in 2015 by two German engineers and a Slovene tool making entrepreneur.

Combining the power of mathematical optimization, data science, and cloud computing with industrial expertise, Solopex revolutionizes the IT toolbox for planning and operating industrial manufacturing systems.

Taking the best planning decisions on a connected system level and being able to immediately react to changes and unexpected events, allows our clients to manufacture their products in a truly lean way, i.e., at the highest possible speed and with minimum inventory volume.

We work success-driven, client-oriented, and minimize irrelevant overhead. We like working with people and deeply believe that the symbiotic combination of human skills and smart digital technology is the key attribute of future industrial champions.

Solopex improves the business efficiency of companies of all sizes at a simple, useful, and affordable level.


We create value for our customers.

We believe in human-machine symbiosis.

We love technology but think business.

We respect complexity but never bow to it.