Who and what is Solopex?

Welcome to Solopex! Solopex is a young company founded by two engineers with a passion for hard problems. Our aim is to maximize the operational efficiency of our clients without interfering with day-to-day work and trusted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Our cloud-based on-demand optimization solutions integrate into existing workflows and change with our clients’ needs and requirements. For us, modern IT needs to evolve with the client, and our solutions are designed to rapidly adapt to changing circumstances.

Looking at the IT infrastructure of our clients, their ERP is the key tool to process and manipulate all kinds of data. No matter which ERP is used for whichever reason, employees are generally somewhat familiar with it, and day-to-day operation is unthinkable without it. However, all our clients have custom planning and scheduling problems that go beyond the capabilities of their ERP and are crucial to sustain or improve their successful business. In terms of efficiency, trying to solve these advanced problems by hand or with simple “best-practice” algorithms is detrimental for many reasons, first and foremost the waste of money due to suboptimal solutions – just imagine what it would mean to save a few hours every time machines are scheduled, or to reduce cut-wastage by more than ten percent.

At Solopex, we have the expertise to model and solve problems like the above, and our cloud infrastructure is equipped to handle problems which are too large and complex for general-purpose hardware. This combination of expert knowledge and modern cloud technology gives us the confidence that we can also increase your operational efficiency by offering an on-demand solution for any of your planning and scheduling problems. Each problem is individually analyzed and modeled according to our client’s requirements and KPIs.

The requirements for Solopex on-demand services are internet connectivity and an HTTP data transfer interface to communicate with our server’s REST API. If required, we are happy to work out the details with your IT administrator or ERP supplier.

–Dr. Simon Görtzen is the co-founder and Chief Solutions Architect of Solopex d.o.o. He can be reached at simon.goertzen@solopex.com

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Who and what is Solopex?

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